Our Presbytery is actively involved in serving Christ and advancing his kingdom, due in large part to the faithful labors of the folks listed below. If you are a new member of Covenant Presbytery, we encourage you to find one or two committees on which you would be interested in serving and notify the Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

All committees and commissions are listed below. In each case, RE = Ruling Elder, TE = Teaching Elder, and each person’s term is completed at the end of the year indicated (where applicable). Vacancies can be filled at any meeting of Presbytery; new classes for most committees are elected at the October stated meeting. To view a committee’s manual, click on (manual) after the committee name. In most cases, you can email a committee chairman by clicking on his name.

Presbytery Officers (2016)

Moderator – TE Tim Reed
Vice Moderator – RE vacant
Parlimentarian – Ed Eubanks
Recording Clerk – TE Mike Winebrenner
Stated Clerk – TE Robert Browning
Treasurer – RE Lee Mattox

Committee: Administration

2017 RE Lee Mattox
2017 TE Nate Smith
2018 RE Jim Gibson
2018 TE Les Newsom
2019 RE Chas Emmerson
2019 TE Sam McDonald – chairman
ALT RE Vacant
ALT TE Jason Driggers
EX-Officio Robert Browning

Committee: Candidates

2017 RE Paul Bush
2017 TE Joshua Keel – Chairman
2018 RE Kent Savage
2018 TE Bradford Green
2019 RE Bob Battey
2019 TE Hunter Bailey
2020 RE Carl Monroe
2020 TE Ashley Dusenberry
ALT TE Ted Wenger

Committee: Church Care

2017 RE Jim Gibson
2017 TE John Sartelle
2018 RE Mike Washburn
2018 TE Ken Hargis
2019 RE Darrel Crosswell
2019 TE Clint Wilcke – Chairman
2020 RE Gene Godwin
2020 TE Doug Barcroft
ALT TE Ed Eubanks

Committee: Credentials

2017 RE Morgan Murphy
2017 TE Nate Smith–Chairman
2018 RE Warren Barnes
2018 TE Parker Tenent
2019 RE Barron Caulfield
2019 TE Tim Reed
2020 RE Jared Zeiser
2020 TE Bill Bradford
ALT RE Bill Davis
ALT TE Kyle Dillon

Committee: Finance

Mr. William Graeber
Mr. Sam Graham
Mr. Lee Mattox
TE Robert Browning

Committee: MNA

2017 RE Tom Phillips
2017 TE Johnathan Keenan
2017 TE Sam McDonald
2018 TE Kevin Hale
2018 RE Rusty Waterer
2018 RE David Caldwell
2019 TE John Craft
2019 TE Richard Owens – Chairman
2019 RE Rick Coan
2020 TE Reed Dunn
2020 RE Buck Beckham
2020 RE Willis Chapman
ALT TE Jeffrey Lancaster
ALT TE Brad Robson
ALT RE Vacant

Committee: MTW

2017 RE Dow Pursley
2017 TE Chris Miller
2018 RE Rob Holden
2018 TE Kevin Hale
2019 Vacant
2019 TE Reed Dunn
2020 RE Jeff Chewing
2020 TE Bill Heard (Chairman)
ALT RE Vacant
ALT TE Ben Winkler

Committee: Nominating

2017 TE Chris Treat – Chairman
2017 RE Ralph Delbove
2017 RE Rob Holden
2018 TE Scott Davis
2018 TE Jason Driggers
2018 RE Frank Riley

Committee: Reformed University Fellowship

2017 TE Nathan Tircuit – Chairman
2017 RE Bob Barber
2018 TE Chris Miller
2018 RE Chas Emerson
2019 TE Robert Browning
2019 RE David Caldwell
2020 TE Vacant
2020 RE Nate Vellum
ALT TE Tim Reed
ALT RE Frank Riley

BAIC Board

2017 Don Locke
2018 Mike Ford
2019 Curt Presley
2020 Wally Bumpas

MidSouth Joint Committee on Campus Work

TE Nathan Tircuit (Chairman/Vice Moderator of Joint Committee)
TE Tim Starnes
RE Bob Barber
RE Chas Emmerson

Presbytery Trustees

2016 RE Jim Alinder
2016 RE Howard Q. Davis
2016 RE Jim Gibson
2016 TE Laurie Jones
2016 TE Billy Spink
2016 TE Ford Williams

Commission: Siloam Spring Mission

MNA Committee of Covenant Presbytery
TE Ted Wenger (Evangelist)

Commission: Hope PC Bryant, AR

TE Tim Starnes
TE Mike Fenema
TE Kevin Hale
TE Del Ferris
RE Clint Wood
RE Chris Hoyle
RE Jared Zeiser
Re Darrell Crosswell

GA 2016 Comm. of Commissioners

TE Administration – Ed Eubanks
TE CDM (Commimittee on Discipleship Ministries) – Ashley Dusenberry
RE Covenant College –
TE Covenant Seminary – Tom Mirabella
TE Interchurch Relations – Andy Coburn
TE MNA – John Clayton
RE MTW – Lee House
RE Overtures –
TE Overtures – Hunter Bailey
TE PCA Foundation –
RE Ridge Haven –
TE RUM – Nathan Tircuit

GA 2016 Service Positions

Communion Elder- vacant
Floor Clerk – vacant

GA Committee/Agency Members

Review of Presbytery Records – TE Jim Codling
Committee on Constitutional Business – TE Robert Browning (class of 2018)
Nominations Committee – TE Robert Browning
Covenant College Board – RE Brad Harris (nominated)
PCA Foundation – RE Willis Frazer (nominated)
Covenant Theological Seminary Board – RE Sam Graham (nominated)